Monday, February 16, 2009

your old cell phone: what you need to know before you toss it

in our face paced society, loaded with awesome technology, sometimes it's good to stop and think about what happens to the data {your personal stuff} in the technology.

according to, 99% of recycled cell phones still hold sensitive data.

sensitive data like your name and address, your kids pictures, schools, doctors names, text messages, personal info...and none of us want that out there for the the not-so-nice people to get a hold of.

if you are anything like this household, we have had a few cell phones in our time. when contracts are up, we get new ones. so, before you donate, sell, or throw away your cell phones or laptops or computers, clear your private information!

here's a few quick tips on how to save your data while still protecting your info on your old cell phones:

1. backup all your data so you have a copy in case you forgot to get it all off before getting rid of the device. {plug into the computer via the cable provided and copy the data on your computer}

2. format your cell techie terms that means wiping the slate clean and clearing all the data.
  • format by holding down the power button and using a pointy object {pen, paper clip} to press the restore button. {the button will be a tiny little rubbery "hole"}
  • so this will erase all your info and data on your phone. and be patient, it will take about five to seven minutes. Once the phone has been formatted it will shut down and restart
3. Turn on your cell and do what the phone says to reinstall the FACTORY settings on the phone.

now that your info is wiped clean and you are safe, go donate those old cell phones. here's a few places that would love to put them to use...and not as paper weights in the junk drawer:
cell phones for soldiers
national coalition against domestic violence
phones for life for senior citizens

no place near you for donating?? mail it.
that's not your bag? you still need to recycle it!

did you know that tossed cell phones account for nearly 65,000 tons of toxic waste each year. each discarded cell phone can pollute up to 132,000 liters of water.

whatever you do, don't get rid of that cell phone until your info is cleared out!

wanna see a little more of my clan...head on over to a thorn among roses.

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  1. you are amazing! I've been wondering what to do with the 6 or so old phones. Thanks once again!


  2. I tossed the battery in one garbage and the phone in another garbage completely


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