Friday, February 6, 2009

What Is True Happiness?

~What do you want out of life?~
~What makes you truly happy?~
~Who do you want to be?~

Happiness?...isn't that the thing that all of us strive to find, to acheive and then to maintain?..... Being happy is not simple to define...We may think that money, high acheivement and luxurious items would make us happy....but, the true meaning of happiness is really more is comfort, contentment, laughter and joy....

Nobody is happy all of the time, but some people are definitely more fulfilled than others and it doesn't seem to have much to do with money, luxurious items or high achievement.... So, if being happy is supposedly easy why are we all struggling to achieve it? Why do we buy all these things that are suppose to make us happy...only to forget how they made us feel and leave us longing for more?...Because happiness is not found in things....It's found in YOU!

Learn to relax...And don't take yourself so seriously....Stress can cause mental, physical and spiritual problems in your life...One of the major causes of stress is worrying about things that are out of your control....If you on trying to fix the problem....If you can't, learn to let some situations go that are simply out of your control ...Being able to laugh at things...especially yourself...Can be a stress reliever...If you make mistakes, learn from them and move on....

Smile...You would be surprised how much of an immediate difference physically smiling has on your mood. If you smile and force a little laugh you will feel your mood lift.... Laughter is a powerful, positive medicine....Accept the situation, whatever it may be and lighten up with a grin.

No one is happy all of the time.... We cannot change the past, but we can enjoy the present, and look positively to the future...Obstacles will always be in our way, holding us back and knocking us down - it's a part of life. Realize this and avoid becoming down or starting to think too negatively about your situation.

Be thankful always....That is a sign that I have up in my home....It may sound cliché, but learning to be grateful for what you have, rather than what you don't....goes a long way.... If all you ever think about is how you can't afford the things you want, how you're not liked by your peers, not pretty enough or not good at anything... your life will become less enjoyable....Changing the way you think about things and the view you take on your life can have a big impact on you as a person.

Looking around you carefully, realize how lucky you are to have the things you do...whether it be a loving family, great friends, an amazing job or simply a roof over your head.... Remind yourself of why you are fortunate to be living the life you do and focus on making the most of the gifts you have been given..... Everyone in this world has something to be thankful for and realizing that can lighten up your way of looking at life entirely.

Be yourself....Criticism comes from people who are unhappy with themselves...not with you....Sometimes you have to realize that you have to be your own best friend and your own cheerleader....

So, again, I ask you.....

~What do you want out of life? ~

~What makes you truly happy?~

~ Who do you want to be?~

Don't hold yourself back or fake things to become well-liked, or because you're too afraid to be who you really are!! You owe it to yourself to be yourself...

Written by Screaming Meme

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  1. there will be only one of you for all time...and again, i say, fearlessly, be yourself!

  2. You've given me a lot to think about.

    What makes me happy is seeing my kids happy.


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