Wednesday, February 11, 2009

from the heart valentine

i am not a big fan of valentine's day...because i want my hubs to love me like i deserve all year long. {i'm a love and cherish shoot me}. so the only way we do any "gifting" around these parts is in the homemade, and straight from the heart departments.

this year, i made hubs a love box that he can put on or in his desk at work. it's a little glimpse of my love for him...and it's a total cost of $1.25...but straight from the heart.

you need a container of some sort.

{i found the R container in the dollar spot at michael's but you can use anything you already have or re-purpose a gift box.}

paper and pen of choice

ribbon or twine

i used a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper i had on hand {i have way too much on hand btw} and just started writing down in columns all the reasons i love hubs. some are funny, some are sweet, some are a little saucy, but all of them are heart felt.

after i was done filling up the paper, i cut each out and then folded it in half.

i wrote a little note on the lid...

and added the ribbon for presentation.

and viola...a super cute and easy valentine for hubs.

wanna see more of me and my fam...head on over to a thorn among roses.

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  1. I'm not a Valentine girl,either...I hate it actually...I think it should be any day that I choose it to be...It is too cliche' for me...I don't follow crowds well...But I do like to make sweet things like this...I think that is so sweet...And I think more of you because of it... Thank you for sharing something so

  2. I am with you.....GREAT idea for R.


  3. Love it! Definitely going to be replicating this one sometime in the future. :)

    PS, I put your button on my blog! Really enjoying your posts.


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