Thursday, July 23, 2009

school's a coming...soon

school starts in less than a month around it's time to get things in order!

for the bigger kids who have swim...a waterproof bag for their p.e. swim clothes.
monkey foot designs for $15.
for the littler ones...cute personal labels for their things from my two babes...
30 labels for $5.

snack and sandwich bags...we all need to eat!
these are not only super cute, but they are totally reusable, one of a kind, eco-friendly...and well, adorable!! from Julie Meyer for $12

who doesn't want their little ones to look uber cute???
try these super cute bobby pins from Nomsa's for $7.

pencil pouches can be soooo boring, but check this eco-friendly bag out from Eco MoJo...
and it's only $2.95!!
super fun...and well, cute too! enjoy!
danyele @ a thorn among roses

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bbq quick and easy

need a super fun, easy and speedy summer dinner?
sweet baby ray's bbq to the rescue.

here's one of my fam's fav quick's so easy, i put everything you need to know in this one picture...

we use ground turkey or chicken most of the time, but whatever browned ground meat you have on hand is perfect.
here's the hard part...add sweet baby ray's after browning and warm to serve on a buns.
that's it!

we add some great summer fruit, watermelon in this case, some corn on the cob and cottage cheese...and viola! the perfect summer dinner...
we even use paper plates on ball game nights...what's more summer and family than in indoor picnic??

and the kids will love it...they will be totally speechless!
do you have any great summertime recipes? let me know! we'd love to feature them here!!!
danyele @ a thorn among roses

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

and the winner of the hand made soap...

the winner of the awesome hand made soap giveaway is...
carrie at

the super fab thing is that she got to pick her fav soap from alchemic paradox it is!!! enjoy!

so in contacting carrie, i found a super fab blog, so you need to go and check her out...she's got super fab photo tips and cute posts on things she'll love her!

and don't forget, you can still grab some awesome soaps {check out the post with all the goodies HERE} by going to see alchemic muse on etsy HERE.

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

college time????

kids will be heading off to college before you know it...and it's time to start thinking about what they need...and want!

snazz up that stark white dorm room with made or order vinyl wall decals from michelle christina. {$40}

ok, so fashion is def not a NEED, but it is a WANT! and who wouldn't WANT these cute custom made dangly earrings from andrea evans design? {$18}

and for the men heading off to school...a fun, cotton jersey neck tie from supper club. {$25}

every college student needs a laundry why not have a fab custom, vintage bag from plain jane baby on etsy? they'll def be home for you to do the laundry...think about it! {$28.50}

and then there's the absolute must haves...

a first aid kit...this one is from the red cross

flash drive...

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