Thursday, July 23, 2009

school's a coming...soon

school starts in less than a month around it's time to get things in order!

for the bigger kids who have swim...a waterproof bag for their p.e. swim clothes.
monkey foot designs for $15.
for the littler ones...cute personal labels for their things from my two babes...
30 labels for $5.

snack and sandwich bags...we all need to eat!
these are not only super cute, but they are totally reusable, one of a kind, eco-friendly...and well, adorable!! from Julie Meyer for $12

who doesn't want their little ones to look uber cute???
try these super cute bobby pins from Nomsa's for $7.

pencil pouches can be soooo boring, but check this eco-friendly bag out from Eco MoJo...
and it's only $2.95!!
super fun...and well, cute too! enjoy!
danyele @ a thorn among roses

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  1. Waa. The personal labels r sold out. :o(

  2. Love the zippy pouch - great recycling going on there.

  3. Cute stuff. I have to admit I'm ready already...isn't that awful;)

  4. I love the labels, I may have to try to make my own if they are out!! I must label 96 crayons, 10 markers, and many other larger things!!!!

  5. omg- i totally love the green stuff you posted! that cheeto bag is to die for! that makes my imagination soar! tfs


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