Monday, November 30, 2009

One Way To Give

"Mitma" means "heart" translated from Chichewa. The jewelry above was designed and produced to benefit Raising Malawi. All proceeds from the sale of the necklaces benefit Raising Malawi directly. Raising Malawi was founded in 2006 by Madonna and Michael Berg to help bring relief and aid to the 2,000,000 orphans and vulnerable children living in Malawi.
By purchasing a necklace and showing your support you not only receive a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you are part of changing lives in Malawi. During this holiday season when we are all compiling and checking lists, seeing who was naughty and who was nice, why don't we keep the spirit of the season in mind and give gifts with purpose and meaning.

The necklaces range in price from $36 to $1,200. If you would like to learn more about Raising Malawi please click here.
and follow them on twitter...look here.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

etsy shopping list

it's the time of year where gifts and gift lists are on our minds...
here are some fantastic finds...all handmade...and all wonderful!

how cute is this little blue bird dish for your nana...or someone else? head on over to mud hutt for some awesome handmade little ditty's for everyone on your list...

wooden toys make my heart sing. i love these family dolls. they are custom made to look like your family {of 4 anyway} at naked peggies for $65.

mother's necklaces are a great gift idea, but what about an heirloom necklace? you can get names or dates, all sorts of things on this handmade prize. a great gift for your momma from amy cornwell.

shut up! i know, right? adorable beyond words!!! i mean, seriously preciousness in a hat!! i just bought this exact hat for my little nephew who is due in less than 2 weeks. i can't wait to see rowan in his puppy dog hat...$20 at handmade by jules!

look at how stinking cute your little chefs could be for making christmas dinner!!! love 2 things about this apron...first, it's way retro adorable and second, 50% of it's proceeds goes to cora's playground! $ aprons by punky fae on etsy.

sewn natural has this super cute, handmade elephant for that precious little one on your gift list. why not make a little gift a special one too? $16

just a few ideas...check back for more real soon! do you have any favorite things we should feature??? let us know!

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

t-giving dinner time savers

i's thanksgiving dinner and you want everything homemade. here's the reality around my house...ain't gonna happen. too many responsiblities, 4 kids, and life!

so rather than stress about it, here's a few things i do to make things way easier...and honestly, the taste and outcomes always draw a big smile from the fam.

#1...definitely stove top stuffing
it's delicious, quick, and the taste is can even get the sage flavored. plus, the kids can make it and contribute! woo hoooo!

#2...cranberry sauce deluxe
still a little cooking, but easy peasy style! here's waht you need:
6 oz frozen cranberries
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup sugar
in a small saucepan over medium heat, mix sugar and oj together until well dissolved. stir in cranberries and cook until they begin to pop. simmer until you get the desired consistancy.


the bake and break rolls at the store anymore are by them to save the time and prep work and then doll them up with some awesome spreads. here's a few ideas:
  • A garlic-herb spread (blend softened butter or margarine with finely chopped herbs and bottled minced garlic or garlic powder)...recipe HERE for the spread noted in picture!
  • Cranberry-walnut-cinnamon spread (blend softened butter or margarine with finely chopped dried cranberry, chopped toasted walnuts and a few pinches of ground cinnamon)
  • Zesty lemon spread (blend softened butter or margarine with finely chopped lemon zest)
have a good time at thanksgiving dinner...not a stressful one! have any other tips to share? please do!!! i just might feature them right here!!!

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

trio of trees...from cheri

i ran into cheri's blog when she left us a comment here at PCAH. she has some super amazing, and easy, projects that i fell in love with! i asked...she here's a fab post direct from her blog...

I bought all the supplies to make this little "TRIO OF TREES"

I used 3 styrofoam cones, 1-8 inches and 2-5 inches.
Chenille yarn in 3 colors (you can really do any colors)
straight pins with colored round heads
3 picks
glue gun

Glue the yarn on each cone, starting from the bottom, makes it easier.

Then randomly stick in your straight pins (or christmas balls)

You can do lots or a few of the straight pins...I like mine less busy! Stick your picks in the top...and you have a Trio of Trees!
Maybe I will keep this set for myself!
So many parties...I LOVE parties. So I had to join the fun...

go and see cheri HERE.

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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Monday, November 16, 2009

A KISS Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to spend with family and friends, with all the preparations by the time dinner is served, I have to admit, I'm usually exhausted!

And then a few year ago I remembered the old saying KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid! LOL

Autumn colored candles intertwined with branches and gourds.
Simple pumpkins craved out for a candle

Pumpkins & dried flowers

Or fill a basket, just make it simple and remember to keep you dinner simple too! It's all about the time we spend together...
Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow bloggers!
xoxo, Cathleen

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

kids thanksgiving table ideas...

if you are like us, we have a kids table...and well, the kids are not always thrilled to be shoved over to the side and in the other room. i was thinking, this year the kids table should be fun. and then i found these little ditty's!!!

nothing says thanksgiving like turkey!
a super fun and easy craft to do while you are making final preps for dinner! it takes a few simple things and viola...amazing turkey centerpieces for the kids table...MADE BY THE KIDS!
{directions HERE}
a little more turkey at the table?? this little project is super fun for the little ones in the crew!

cindy at skip to my lou, had this incredible idea. it's a full table setting already set up for you!!! cute and fun, and a great little craft too! grab the printables HERE!!!

if your kids are into nickjr, head over HERE for some fun ideas with wubbzy, max and ruby, and dora too!!!
really, thanksgiving is just around the corner!!! i can't believe it either, but it is!!! let's get ready!
danyele @ a thorn among roses

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fancy napkins?

looking for a quick way to impress peeps that come over for dinner? well, grab your cloth napkins and start folding!
napkin folding has 27 napkin folds, broken out step by step...with pictures!
this seems seriously fool proof!
see which one best suits your table scape and start folding away!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Pink all Year!

Add a little pink in your life!

I always think about pink during October's Breast Cancer Awareness month. But, why not add a little pink in your life year round? Pink is a girls favorite color!

xoxo, Cathleen


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

place cards

i love these ideas from martha stewart on place cards for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday.

the first is super quick...easy and simply beautiful! and the kiddos can help find the leaves in the yard!

i love this place card idea...first, the kids and make it...and it sparks conversation! make your standard turkey place card and use the "feathers" for's a great way for the kids to get to know fun details about grandparents...and vice versa!

how about a super cute and easy little project using an edible addition?
for full details and how-to's go HERE.

and living locurto has some awesome FREE downloads for place cards, among other things. go HERE and see them...tell her we sent you!!

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