Wednesday, July 1, 2009

college time????

kids will be heading off to college before you know it...and it's time to start thinking about what they need...and want!

snazz up that stark white dorm room with made or order vinyl wall decals from michelle christina. {$40}

ok, so fashion is def not a NEED, but it is a WANT! and who wouldn't WANT these cute custom made dangly earrings from andrea evans design? {$18}

and for the men heading off to school...a fun, cotton jersey neck tie from supper club. {$25}

every college student needs a laundry why not have a fab custom, vintage bag from plain jane baby on etsy? they'll def be home for you to do the laundry...think about it! {$28.50}

and then there's the absolute must haves...

a first aid kit...this one is from the red cross

flash drive...

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  1. Why didn't they have vinyl wall decals in my day! I feel so left out of today's fun and easy stuff for dormitories. And think of all the great storage stuff available. Sheesh!

  2. Love the laundry bag and butterfly decals. Great ideas:)


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