Monday, June 29, 2009

hand made soaps

i have found a new love...handmade, cold process soaps!
i got addicted when i had these red bumps on the arms that itched and would not go away. when i saw the dermatologist, i found out i was having an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the soap i was using. surprise!

so i found handmade soaps...there's a super fab shop on etsy called alchemic muse, owned by karen toms. karen is full of super fantastic information...and has some uber awesome soaps to boot.
so sit back, and learn a little about home made, all natural soaps...decide on your own if theyare right for you!!

how do you create your soaps? they are so beautiful?
I create all of my soaps using the traditional cold process method from scrat
ch. I handcraft my soaps with pure vegetable and fruit oils, butters, herbs, clays, and essential oils.
{{alchemy muse is part of the etsy green and clean guild..good stuff}}

what about fragrance and fillers?
I do use high quality, skin-safe fragrance oils in about half of my body soaps. I do not use palm oil or cheap fillers like soybean oil or vegetable shortening.

bath soap. complexion soap. what??
My complexion soaps took over a year to create and perfect, and are a different formula from my bath soaps. They include an profusion of exotic oils and herbs known for their benefits to specific skin types and problems.

These all-natural soaps are also scented with pure essential oil blends created with both skin and aromatherapy benefits in mind.

For example, Egyptian Geranium {pictured below} was one of the primary essential oils used to create Elixir. Egyptian Geranium is renowned for its benefits for mature skin, but is also used in aromatherapy to balance emotions – especially for menopausal women.
{{i am shouting hooray...can you hear me??}}

I am very excited to introduce these six soaps. There are no other facial cleansers like them on the market - they are truly one of a kind.

why handmade for you? for me?
Handmade soap has profoundly changed my life, as well as the lives of my friends and family. Before I used my first bar of handmade soap, I was constantly searching for soaps, washes, creams, etc. to improve my skin and make it healthier. One day I realized that even products labeled “natural” contained lots of chemicals and harmful ingredients that were actually creating more problems than solving them.

you say you like the idea of hand made soaps? really? well, how about a little freebie??? project{create a home} in conjunction with my home blog, a thorn among roses, are giving away a bar of your choice from alchemic muse.

to enter...go visit alchemic muse. leave a comment here tell me what soap you are in love with and why.
that's it! it's that simple!

enjoy your new found knowledge...and drop in on july 6th and find out who the winner is!!!
good luck!

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  1. Oooh the Peruvian Cocoa Spa sounds amazing! It's a bar I don't know that I can live without. I love the idea of the cinnamon, and the richness of the frankincense is enticing! My skin loves cocoa butter, and with all the environmental damage due to the pollution in the air, I imagine this soap will do wonders for my poor skin.

  2. Paradox would have to be my favorite... it isn't the prettiest in the store, but anything that can effectively purify and brighten skin, unclog pores, and remove impurities has got my vote hands down!

  3. oh my GOSH I'm so bummed I missed this!! That's what I get for being so behind on my blog reading, grrrrrr. =/


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