Tuesday, June 9, 2009

{Fun Outdoor Decor}

With all of this gorgeous warm weather we are having, my family and I are finding ourselves outside more. My outdoor space needs some work. {Seriously} If I said it was "sub-par," that would be too kind. Hubby and I have been looking for a new patio set for two years now and no luck. So recently I've tried looking at other outdoor spaces to find a little inspiration. I thought you may like to see some inspiring outdoor spaces as well...Here are a few that got me jazzed.

I love how this furniture is painted in different colors, but because they are all subdued and centered around a neutral table it works. I love the candelabra with the funky candles too...

I love this wicker furniture painted in fun patterns. It just screams summer, fun & ease to me...

Mmmmm. It doesn't get much better than a hammock does it? I love the paper lanterns and colorful pillows. It looks ready for someone to just plop down and stay a while...

Outdoor spaces need a few accessories too and I love this glass lantern...

I hope you enjoyed some of the things that inspired me. If you're looking to update your outdoor space, or would like to see other suggestions like these, visit Better Homes & Gardens.

Kacey R.

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  1. oh i love ALL of that patio furniture!!! if i lived in a place like that, i'd be outside alll the time!

  2. Love the inspirational pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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