Saturday, June 27, 2009

scrolling blog buttons

it's techie time again...and today we are going
to learn about adding a little funness in that blog sidebar of yours!

the scrolling blog buttons!! it's super easy...and now, you can do it yourself!!!!

start by editing your blog layout and selecting a new HTML box. in that box, you can choose to put a title, like "my fav's" or "places i hang out" or "peeps i pray for"...that sort of thing. {it should look like this...}

then the fun stuff! enter the first section exactly as noted here. {you can do this!!!}

the second part of the entry is actually entering the blog button HTMLs in. so head over to your buttons and grab the ones you want to scroll. put a space between each one so you can keep them straight, but use the HTML code as it already exists...the one noted here is for my bloggy friend, kacey at chronicles of a get the idea.

when you get all the buttons entered, you simply add this HTML code to the end. it tells the box that this is the end and to quit scrolling!

happy HTML-ing!

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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  1. This is great!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yeah, well, seriously, I'm ascared to mess with my html....a closet sissy.

  3. Oooh thanks for the tip! I'm going to have to play with some of this stuff really soon...

  4. Okay, I love this and I just added some scrolling buttons to my sidebar. Is it normal though for them not to scroll together? They are a kind of all doing their own thing??
    Thanks for sharing this tip!

  5. Oh my goodness! I need this! I want to add some buttons, but don't want them to completely fill my sidebars! Thank you!

  6. Oooh! It's working! I forgot to refresh my page. You're my hero!

  7. I wonder if there is any way to randomize the order of the buttons? Maybe I could just go in and mix them up from time to time...


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