Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Table

Father's day is here. Do you need an idea for a cute and easy table decoration. I came up with one after looking are the Better Homes and Gardens' website. They had taken beer bottles empty, using them to hold flowers, and had DAD written on them.

Well since my children are grown, we just took beer bottles out of the frig and used our PrintMaster program to get a Father's Day logo and print D A D out, cut them out and glued to the beer bottles.

We also found an old picture of the children, added roses from the garden, empty Mets beer cans and a baseball, dad favorite game.

We set the table around this centerpiece. Just a fun and easy way to decorate for Father's day with their favorite items. If you dad is more of a football fan, use a football and decorate around that. Any item that is dad favorite, use your imagination. Golfing, Fishing anything itemsthat says DAD would be fun. You can also use BBQ type napkins, plates if your having a big crowd.

Enjoy your Father's Day with your special DAD.

Expressively, Sofia
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