Monday, June 15, 2009

{Outdoor Fabric Uses}

Outdoor fabric is a great way to update your outdoor space - recover cushions, add panels to create privacy or to simply add an element of interest. Our local fabric store recently had all of their outdoor fabric 50% off! So, it made me think...what could I do with that fabulous bargain of a deal???

If I had more time I'd love to use these beautiful spaces as my point of inspiration....

I could curl up for days on this sofa or kick my heels up in one of these chairs....the blue is so refreshing!

The black and white is so swanky - I love it! If it were at my house though it would have orange Popsicle all over it, but a girl can dream right? lol

This space couldn't get any cuter if it tried. Those chairs! That chandelier! That table setting! That swagged fabric! OH MY! I can taste the treats and fruit tea now!
{All photos from BHG.}

Kacey R.

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  1. Love those rooms. It is so windy in our outdoor area, I'm afraid the curtains would just whip about. But I would love to personalize a space like that.

  2. Oh love all those pictures. I am currently re-decoratingold falling down gazebo(if you can call its current look decorated) and you really gave me some great ideas. I am actually incorporating some black and white with blue and green. Now if all the money for my ideas would just fall from the sky.

  3. Seriously lovely - all of them. With 7 animals, I can't have anything that nice outdoors....muddy paws galore!

  4. I love all these outdoor spaces! I worked on my patio some today moving things around and cleaning up. Looks like I need some cute fabric out there!


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