Thursday, June 18, 2009

fun and yummy

remember that good old betty crocker? well, she is still rescuing momma's everywhere!!

they aren't just fun to say, but they are cute, healthy and super duper cute too!

1 to 2 containers {6 oz} of yoplait thick and creamy yogurt {flavor of your choosing}
3 to 4 cups of cheerios
4 firm, ripe bananas

line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. spoon yogurt into shallow dish.
pour cheerios into another dish.
cut peeled bananas into 6 pieces
insert straw into each banana piece
roll each banana piece in yogurt...then in cereal to coat.
place coated bananas on cookie sheet and freeze uncovered about an hour or until firm.
{bites are best when eaten the same day}
serve in a fun cup filled with cheerios in the bottom.
healthy and fun...and have the kids help!!!

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