Tuesday, February 24, 2009

car games

i have very active girlies...i'm not even going to try and hide that. car trips are always interesting...especially if you don't drone them out with constant movies and food.

so, here's a few ways to entertain the kiddos while giving them some actual mind stimulation at the same time:

seek and find bags...one of my fav things in the world for my girls (and me, i'm not gonna lie). i found these beautiful bags on etsy.com from Baby Love Blankies and my girlies are obsessed. i picked cute fabric and ordered them right up. we have uber seek and find love in our cars now. {oh, did i mention that there's a discount over at BLB store on etsy if you mention our blog?}

a crayon roll for keeping the budding artists still "arting" and not getting your car all melted crayoned up. i totally am ready to make these for easter baskets this year for the 4 and 5 year old...it will be a monster redo to the fabulous ziploc bags of crayons we are currently using. and skip to my lou has an uber fab tutorial here. not up for making it yourself, there's all kinds of finds on etsy here for $10 and under.

reusable snack bags!!! they are super cute and reusable, which is a plus for the environment and your pocket book. i just ordered 3 of these to use in the car for my girls. each one is $7.50...WasteNotSaks says, "It has been estimated that a family of four could save as much as $3,000 per year by avoiding disposable containers and single-serving size packages!!". that's nuts!!!

so start planning that spring break road tip. you have great tips for us??? let us know!

you wanna see more of me and my crazy kids...jump on over to a thorn among roses!

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