Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Lost 15 lb!

I want to shout from the roof tops...I lost 15 lb!...Okay...14 lb....But what's a little rounding of numbers....right? ;) I have been slowly packing on the weight and feeling really sorry for myself...As I get older, it is harder to lose...I was a frail, boney child...I was so thin that the girls would make fun of me...Calling me names like Ethiopian girl, bag o' bones and skinny meme...I really wanted to have the sexy curves and the hour glass figure...but just couldn't gain the weight...With each of my children, I walked out of the hospital in a size 2/4 pants and x~small shirt...But as I got older the curves came!...But they weren't the curves I had dreamt of...:) No, my curves weren't hour glass at all...They seemed to land in all the wrong places...And on top of that, I don't gain weight in my legs...So, I refer to that look as "the Kermit the frog" look...The skinny legs and a round belly...Cute on a frog...but not on a middle aged woman...So, I guess you want to know how I did it...Well, after Christmas, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about it!

I started eating breakfast......Eggs, oatmeal, even left overs....
I drank a lot of water....

I started walking 15-20 minutes, 3x a week.....

After a week of walking....I would walk for 2 min and then run for 1 min...

And then I added weight lifting...I bulk up really quickly... so, I reduced my weights to 5-8 lb and did high reps...depending on the exercise....One day, I would work my bi's and tri's, then the next day, my back, the next day.... my chest...working my way down to my sexy Kermit legs...
I started eating smaller dinner portions...which I have to admit...was so hard...I love to eat big dinners!...I'm a Texan...We do everything BIG! I was hungry after dinner...But surprisely about 30 minutes after dinner, I was full...
When I would get hungry...I would go brush my teeth or look at my smaller body frame in the mirror...I wasn't being vein...I wanted to see my results in the mirror...So, I wouldn't want to ruin it with junk food....That worked every time!

Lastly, I stopped eating added sugar...That was the biggest change for me...I was shocked how much sugar I was eating...Because I don't have a sweet tooth...I carve salty foods...But, I was eating the stuff and didn't know it...I feel a lot better....and I look a lot better....Am I skinny meme? No, But I feel good and that is the most important part!

Written by Screaming Meme

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  1. Yeah for you! I've started too and have lost 8 pounds with another weigh in tonight.

  2. YEA! You go girl!!!! Awesome job! Whoop whoop!

  3. Way to go!!! I'm still struggling to get my 15 lbs. off. I need to just make up my mind to do it! My plan is to have it off before summer, we will see.

  4. This is so awesome to read! It's nice to read about someone DOING something about weight gain instead of just "Ew, I've gained so much weight".

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  5. Fantastic! I am so happy for you!!

  6. no way! are you kidding? ok, maybe i should remember the old adage, bfast is the most important meal of the day and not eat fruity pebbles! yikes! way to go!!!

  7. WOOHOO that is wonderful! go girl!! Yikes sugar is a hard thing for me and something I shouldn't even have...WAY TO GO!!

    Keep up the GREAT work!



  8. Congrats! I'm starting back running this weekend. My winter fur needs to be shed! =)


  9. So glad for your Meme! I am currently on a diet too. I love that you didn't go on a actual "diet" but did what you knew best to get yourself back in shape. Congrats!

  10. Great job!!!

    I have been working on this myself.......


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