Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Screaming Good Ways To Feel Good Today~

Are you feeling down in your life right now? Do you want to feel happy today? That's sounds like a silly question, I know....But it's important to ask yourself if you're ready to feel good and get back to living the life you deserve... Sometimes when we've had a setback in our life...we want to grieve about it... It's okay to allow yourself time to be sad, upset, or anxious about your setback....Recognize the emotions and allow them without guilt.

You need to set a limit on feeling down...Each setback has a different length of a break up deserves a longer healing time than a fender bender car wreck and so on...
Here are a few things that can help you turn that frown...:( upside down...:) Screaming Meme Style...

Make A "Happy" File... Make a list of every accomplishment that has ever made you feel good about yourself...Add photos and memorabilia to it, as well... Go back as far as you can remember in your life...From now on, every time someone gives you a compliment or you accomplish something that fills your heart with file! Pull out that file for a quick lift...I promise it will make you feel good!

Make an "I Love" File....Make a list of things you love to do...Things that make you feel alive...Maybe it is sewing, cooking, karaoking, or wine tasting...The list is yours to make...add to the list as you go...You'll dream up all sorts of wonderful things that inspire you to feel alive...Pick one and do it. If it isn't practical to actually do it, you can just daydream about it. Imagine being immersed in the project and really try and feel the happiness you would feel if you were really doing it. Remember to add silly things that make you happy...Like things that made you happy when you were a kid! :)

Make A Personal Strength File...What makes us all unique and special? Clearly our physical appearances, tastes and personality make us all different....But there is more to it than that, honey!....Each of us has unique talents and strengths that set us apart from each other. When we use these unique talents and strengths...we are at our very best and it truly makes us feel happy and alive. Make a list of all your talents and strengths...Don't know yours? Here are a few ways to find yours....

  • There are things you do that make you lose track of time....This is often called being in a zone or in the moment. What ever you want to call it...if you've had this experience of getting totally lost in the moment, losing track of time and being so wrapped up in what you were doing that you forget to eat or sleep....and you could go on doing it forever if you could... This is a probably one of your strengths....Jot it down...

  • What do you love to do? What makes you smile? These things you love to do usually are your special talents and strengths.... That's why you love to do comes effortlessly and fills your heart with joy...Jot it down...

  • Ask your friends and family what they think your strengths are...Take them all in and discard the ones that don't feel right...Your friends and family know a lot about you...sometimes more than you know yourself! :) Jot the good ones down..;)

Once you have a list..You need to use the talents and strengths to make your life happier...It will take some time to do...You will have to get creative when trying to fit them in...But if you do...I promise you that your life will feel more fulfilling and happier...This list is probably the most important list to have!

Remember to update your list from time to time...We change and grow as human beings...It's a natural process of life...And add new and exciting things to your lists...Life is GOOD...So, live it!

Written by Screaming Meme...Editor In Chief

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  1. What clever ideas! I never would think to do this, but it makes so much sense to do so!
    Thanks for the brain charge.

  2. using the talents you have is the best way to do things...and i think making the files and lists shows us maybe what we are good at...sometimes that's hard for me to see. i assume everyone can do what i'm doing...know what i mean?


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