Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Cowboys Outgrow Their Boots

My two little cowboys have been growing quickly these last couple years.

One thing that we splurge on around here is cowboy boots.

I usually buy them 1 or 2 sizes bigger than their current size, to get good wear out of them, but at some point, they are too small and we move onto the next bigger size.

It hurt to think of giving their little boots away, so I came up with a way to keep them around the house, just a little longer.

I filled them with plaster of paris.

I put a plastic frozen juice container in one boot to make a vase.

Another boot, I use as a bookend.

Its mate is a doorstop.
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  1. Very cool, now I wish my kids wore cowboy boots! Maybe I'll look for these at the GW.


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