Tuesday, February 3, 2009

playtime fun

got those winter blues...and need a fresh play idea for the kids?
2 words...shaving cream!

grab the closest cookie sheet and a can of shaving cream from the shower...and viola! mom of the year!

your kids will need no direction on this one...and you'll love it, bc the clean up is water!

let them loose on the cookie sheet...we're talking good hour of entertainment here!
there's smooshing...and gooshing...

i added numbers to the mix this morn {i cut out of a empty cereal box}
shaving cream and a little education at the same time!

brooke is ADHD...and this is one of her therapies. she focuses so well on this. shaving cream between the fingers will make just about anyone smile.

and jada, well, she likes to make a big mess, then clean up. make a big mess, clean up.
grab the shaving cream and head to the table for some fun. and hey, when the kids wake up, let them join in the fun too! {if you want the house to smell good, buy scented shaving cream}

look around for some more great ideas....
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  1. Thanks for the amazing idea. It looks like the kids are having a ball. I'm off to buy good smelling shaving cream. One for the kids and one for me!!!

  2. Shaving cream is also fun for kids in the tub. EZ cleanup too.


  3. Now that looks like fun! It could be really relaxing for adults to play along too!

  4. When the kids were little we loved playing with shaving cream! So fun! We used the fence as our canvas and I would just hose it down when we were done.


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