Saturday, February 7, 2009

iLife 09/iPhoto for Mac users

Apple has recently released it's upgrade to the iLife suite, which include, iPhoto, gargae band, iWeb, iDVD and iMovie. current Mac users of iLife can upgrade for $ how does it rate?

well, i'm a total Mac it. i love's easy to store your pics and it has fab on-the-fly photo editing capabilities. i love it for quick photoshop like you know my secret. {when i do senior pictures, i use PS, but can do really quick "show the pics to mom" edits on iPhoto}

i am going to admit, i don't use iMovie...hubs does...not a big deal for me. i don't use garage band...bc it doesn't matter to me...and we use iDVD, but any upgrades to me are just cake!

but i love iPhoto. a lot. and iLife 09 has some fab updates to iPhoto that make me want to jump up and shout! first, iPhoto now has the ability to detect faces {face recognition} and identify them in your photos.


there's more: it can also identify and map the location where the pics were shot {geo tagging, seriously, using GPS data from your iphone};
apple in it's fab wisdom has put together a guided tour here...go check it out! for now, here's a screen shot...and, u bloggers are going to love can directly post sets of photos to several popular online services like facebook and flickr...and it syncs with them too! literally as easy a a click of the mouse. see it live here.

{if would like to read more about garage band and iMovie improvements and a review, please look here.}

well, i'm off to get the new upgrade...if hubs hasn't already!
look for a follow up post on "my iLife 09 experience" soon here at project{create a home}

and don't forget to scroll on down to see more fun stuff to do with your own home!!
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  1. These technological posts make me feel iDumb......I think I NEED the upgrade!! :)


  2. OMG, I was at the mac store tonight and noticed I life! What a dud my sales guy was!!! I had no idea what it was, and he obviously didn't have a clue..... I too love my I photo, although I haven't been able to figure out how to put pics on FB, really difficult. So I guess i will be heading back the the mac store after my excellent sales job by you! Can't wait to see your next post!! I love it....



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