Saturday, February 21, 2009

bloggy tips and ideas

i stumbled across this super fantastic post by not your average soccer mom, brandy, offering some bloggy tips. i was screaming YES at my laptop on so many of these tidbits, so here are a few things she said...but head on over to her place to read her whole post. i promise you will get some good info.

all of my comments on my blog are set up to come to me thru my gmail account. and when i get questions or want to reply back to a comment, i can do it right there.

a lot of folks don't have email set up on their blog settings, so when you go to reply you get "no comment reply" which means, "too bad, so sad". I love, love, love to reply to comments via email. It's quick and easy plus sometimes we actually get a conversation going by email.

it's easily rendered...{from brandy}:

Go to your Dashboard. Then click "Edit Profile" right next to your picture. Under Edit User Profile click the box that says "Show My Email Address". {If you don't want your personal email available to everyone may I suggest setting up a free account with Google that is just for your blog.}

so that's a quick taste of what brandy has in store for you...pop on over to see how to set up pop up windows, remove word verification and more.

if you want to see more of my crew, come by a thorn among roses.

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  1. Amen. Spread the word SITSa!

    Thanks for the linky love!


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