Friday, February 6, 2009


About three or four months ago I decided to take charge of my life. Now I don't mean organizing the cupboards, or doing the laundry more efficiently (God knows my husband would love that!), but no, nothing like that, more bigger picture stuff. I finally decided to stop waiting for opportunities to come my way and to start creating them for myself.

I've been a wife for 20 years and a mother for almost 13 and I love it but I knew I wanted more; something that would feed my creative soul. I've always loved decorating my house, scouring flea markets for great pieces and attending country auctions. So for years I have thought about opening my own shop as a way to combine my passions into a business opportunity. As time went on I started to read about women like The Farm Chicks and Sue Whitney of Junk Market Style in some of my favorite shelter magazines. They're women who are passionate about the same things I'm interested in and each found ways to make a business out of what they love. They've been very inspirational to me.

About three years ago a group of women from my town in Maryland started holding a twice yearly Barn Show and the first time I went to it, I walked in and thought "This is what I want to do". They set up shop in a really cool barn in the community and offer vintage finds, antiques, architectural salvage pieces, etc., and it's a hugely popular event. Well for years I longed to be a "Barn Girl" because I knew I had the passion for what they were doing.

So time went on and I secretly hoped they would recognize my talent, realize they needed me desperately and I'd be asked to join them at The Barn. Well, that didn't happen. So, last fall I was sitting around thinking and wishing and hoping and praying that somehow there would be some type of divine intervention that would get these women to see I could be one of them. And then it hit me. Why was I spending my life waiting for others to make my dreams a reality? I could do my own version of a barn show! It was a real epiphany for me and I decided to run with the idea. I asked my friends and family what they thought and they all encouraged me to do it. So I started down that path.

Do you know what happens when you voice your dreams and plans to people out loud? You start believing in them. The confidence builds and your entire attitude starts to shift. It's more "I can do this thing" instead of "Oh, gee, I wish someone would ask me to join them!". So, that's how "The Kramer Angle" was born and for the past five months I've been working on planning for my first show. I've been shopping auctions, buying inventory, filling up the garage and considering venues.

And along the way, I kept running into a couple of the women who are part of "The Barn" and so I told them about my dreams, my blog, "The Kramer Angle" show and I even found the courage to tell them about my secret desire to be a "Barn Girl" . But at the same time, I kept plodding away, doing my own thing. Doors were opening, people were helping me, I was excited. (And I was also terrified! Could I really do this thing? All by myself? There's no way!)

And then another door opened, just like that and changed my life. I got a call this week from one of The Barn Girls asking if I'd like to join them! And I said YES! Just like that, no question about it. Now, truth be told a part of me did question whether I was giving up on myself. But I realized it's still my dream, it's still the "Kramer Angle" because I'm free to bring in the type of merchandise I want to sell at The Barn but now I'm going to be working with five other women who are all fabulous and all bring a unique perspective to a collaborative effort to make The Barn Shows a success! It's all good!

The goal is still the same. I'm still following my passion. It's just now I'm working with other women who are just as passionate about the same things! And it feels good. Really good. You might even say, I'm giddy...........

I have so much to learn and so much to do! It's definitely going to be an adventure though, and I plan to blog my way all the way through it, so I hope you'll stop by and check on how things are going!


  1. what a fun thing! i love the idea and way to go on following that dream girl!!!

  2. How fun!! It's not really work when you're doing what you love!!! I wish you the best....and I wish it wasn't in Maryland!!!


  3. You go girl!!!!Dreams DO come true!!

  4. What a great thing for you to do. I also love country auctions just never know what you will find! I look forward to your blogs about your new adventure!

  5. You lucky duck! How exciting :) Its wonderful you went for your dream... have fun with it all

  6. I am in Maryland....where is the Barn???

    And congrats for taking charge.


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