Friday, February 20, 2009

vacation memories

i am a photography hound...i have the camera everywhere we go. so how do you preserve all those great memories from a family vacation or a birthday party that is quick and easy and pretty all at the same time?

a super fun album or pre-made scrapbook.

on vacations, i like to buy souvenirs that are functional and last. for instance, last year in carabelle, i got this super fab photo book to put my fav (of 1000) shots in and keep on the coffee table for everyone to see. it was done within the week of getting home too, because it was simply--print and stuff.

the best part...the pics are in one place, they are super fun to look at and when i get around to scrapping them, they are already printed and ready.

besides, pics, why bring home a "someone in florida" loves me shirt when you can bring a little part of your vacation home with you. i love to get inexpensive and fun stuff for the house. on the same carabelle vacation, i got this super fab mermaid bottle opener...a cute fam popcorn bowl, which everyone needs...and a great little hokey pokey sign for the guest bath.

everytime i use the bottle opener or popcorn bowl, i'm reminded of the beach and the vacation. so look outside the souvenir shops for your little "take homes" come vacation time. you never know what you might find.

if you wanna see a little more of me and my crew, come by any time at a thorn among roses.

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