Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Screaming Meme's First Design Gig

I never had a little girl...I know feel sorry for me...:) wawawa, right? :) So, I use my talent to fill the dreams I had on creating a beautiful retreat for the daughter I always wanted....I had so much fun designing it...I started with that changing table...I picked it up for $20.00 bucks at a Garage Sale...The man wanted $25.00, which I would of paid $75.00, but just for fun I asked him if he'd go down to $20.00...I'm bad...I know...It was hunter green stained...I painted it a cream and distressed it some....(the changing pad was recovered with a Easter tablecloth~$4.00 on sale~ and the same plaid from the bed set I purchased on line ~for $75.00~I found the plaid at JoAnn's). I also had a valance made in the plaid ( I'll get the names of the fabrics for you all...And post it on this post at the bottom) and next I chose the wall color~Pickling Spice by Pittsburgh Paint~And then I added a little touches~By decorating with a pink beaded chandelier with a slipcover made for the cord in "the plaid", greenery,wall accents and childrens toys.....Little touches make a room pop...The ribbon above the mirror, the birdhouse with floral tucked around it, The baskets placed under the changing table~I found them with the fabric lined in them already for $20.00 bucks~ I placed a little green rug between the changing table and the baby bed because it needed something...Though if money wasn't so tight...I would have chosen a fun children's area rug ~at least 5 by 7~....But like "real life" there is always a budget...:) You can find more decorating ideas over @ Screaming Meme...

Written by Screaming Meme...Editor In Chief

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  1. ummm. can you come decorate my nursery for me?

  2. Just incredible!!!!! Do you make house calls? hee hee The room turned out fantastic and I know the little girl who occupies this room will LOVE it! Great job!!! :-)

  3. Soo precious! You did an amazing job!!! WTG :o)



  4. This is one of the nicest nurseries I have ever seen. Lovely!!

  5. i'm feeling like i need to redecorate something now...hubs is gonna be mad! ha!

    u know i love girlie rooms!

  6. Awe, it's so sweet makes me miss having a baby around! Opps! I just lost my mind for a quick second,, Wow, I'm over it now.... :)


  7. Sigh.
    I need a girl too.
    I got 3 boys. Trucks & race cars!

    This is lovely!!!!!


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