Saturday, February 28, 2009

digital tv?

remember all the hype and commercials about you needing a digital TV or an aftermarket set top box by february 19th or you won't be able to watch tv???

in shock of all shocks, the house has approved a delay and the new implementation date is june 12. the bill heads to president obama who is called for the delay since the government doesn't have the funds for the $40 coupon to buy a new converter box.

so what's the real reason we are moving to all digi broadcasts and losing over the air???

simple...really it is! the over the air (rabbit ears) tv transmission is sent in the radio spectrum. and that big space is getting crowded with lot of transmissions of things like wireless phone signals, tv signals, radio signals and satellite transmissions. so it's getting crowded and if we get the over air tv off of it, there's more use for things like police, fire and emergency radio radio transmissions. and to boot, the picture and sound is way better, because it contains more data and is way more efficient that analog (that would be the old school tv way).

so if you have a tv and you aren't sure whether it's digital or not, the easiest thing to do is look for a label that says something like “Integrated Digital Tuner,” “Digital Tuner Built-In,” “Digital Receiver,” or “Digital Tuner,” “DTV,” “ATSC,” or “HDTV".

if you have a set that says “Digital Monitor” or “HDTV Monitor,” or as “Digital Ready” or “HDTV Ready,” it doesn't mean it contains the actual digital means it's ready to receive a digital signal form an outer source. {i know, stinking marketing}

no more rabbit ears...and if you are still watching tv like that, we should talk tech talk! i'm just saying!

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