Monday, February 2, 2009

fun kids lunch

so my girlie pies love to have a jazzed up version of lunch...because they love being all fancy and stuff.
so, i make the old, look new again...and amazingly, it tastes better and there's smiles instead of complaining.

i'm a toss and run lunch mom...but i want my girls to get good food too. you should know all my girlies are on high protein, high calorie diets, so don't freak too much about the meats and cheeses. my girlie pies are skinny minnies...ahhhh.

current lunch fav:
salomi or pepperoni

enter pampered chef cutout shaper-thingy's.
{ok, i have no idea what they are really called, but they are super fun to use}
my set is in a tin and has like 10 shapes...these are the girlies 3 fav's

the hardest part about lunch...deciding which shape to cut!

ohhhhh, look at that salomi now!!

then i plate it up for round one of eating...add applesauce and salad.
fun meal for the girlie pies!

don't forget to look around for more fab stuff for your home...
and if you wanna see more of me and my girlie pies (hubs too), come visit any time at a thorn among roses.


  1. Great idea, makes me hungry for salami.

  2. I want to eat all my food this way now.

  3. Hello lovely blog. Tips on fun food for kids and how to create a blog are like an answer to a prayer. Thank you! Cannot wait to explore your blog more and see what other tidbits I can find.

    I am adding you to our Google reader. Do not want to miss anything going forward. :)


  4. What a great idea! I'm going to try that. I know my kids will love it. Even my ten year old boy:) It would be fun to make a bunch of food in heart shapes for Valentines Day.


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