Monday, February 23, 2009

family time and food

one of the super fun things i remember growing up was having pizza and a pop on friday night with the family and watching the dukes of hazzard {sad, i know...but you that john schneider back in the day...} or a movie.

well, in that spirit, my fam now has pizza making night...and it's, of course, the easy peasy way.

what you need:

refrigerator pizza dough and/or refrigerator biscuits

pizza sauce {can or bottle}

toppings of your choice {onion, green pepper, sausage, pepperoni, etc}

one large bag of shredded italian or pizza cheese

we make a big pizza and each of the kiddos get to make their own too. the refrig biscuits are for the personal pizzas. take two biscuits and smash them together...and you have personal pan dough. add toppings and bake per the instructions on the bisuits (425 for like 12 minutes)

for the big fam pizza, roll our the dough on a cookie sheet or pizza stone. add toppings and bake per dough instructions.

in the end, we add a salad and some pop and we have a little feast...all done together. it takes super yummy, the kids are helping and it's all for under $5.

happy pizza friday!

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