Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock It Out & Get The Job Done!

I really hate cleaning...but sadly, I have to...because I hate a dirty house...:) I have tried many ways to make it more fun and enjoyable...Here are a few fun ways to get the job done...

Screaming Meme's Silly Cleaning Tips

  • Turn up the music and rock out!...Sing, dance, leap with the broom in the air!...:) I have been known to do a little Flash Dancing or Grease Lighting moves to get the job done...:) It will pass the time so much more quickly...And you will laugh and have fun at the same time!

  • I clean in between HGTV or my blogging...:)

  • I set a timer and try to beat the clock...Most of the time I do! That is a fun one for the kids, as well!

    • I take breaks...I will run an errand or go for a quick jog...And then come back to it...The only rule....you have to finish the task before leaving!

    • I have learned to have the kids help out more...I would try to do it all when they were young...I learned it was good for them to help out...and it made me in a better mood, too! It teaches them the importance of keeping a clean and tidy home...gets them prepared for the real world of laundry and yard work and it makes the whole family work together to get things done...If you have trouble getting them to help....make it a game....Or turn it into a competition....Who can find the most blue items and put them away? Try having the kids shoot dirty laundry into the hamper...Or get them going a little Grease Lighting...:)

    • Work together... one room at a time...It will go by faster...And they won't feel so overwhelmed....

    Written by Screaming Meme...Editor In Chief


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    1. Hey Blue Castle - Thanks for the shout out from SITS. So I awesome you're a South Dakotan, maybe? I absolutely love South Dakota. We go to Rapid City all the time. This is a cool little blog you guess have here. I like it!

    2. i love it! i turn on the tunes for the girlie pies to clean up the toy room. works for them. will have to do it for me!


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