Monday, February 9, 2009

easy peasy style ham and beans

my fam loves to eat a good, fresh bowl of soup in the winter...
so i'm always looking for fast and healthy soups that are time and budget friendly.

so, here's a very quick old standby that my clan loves...

ham and beans, easy peasy style

1 pound of ham, diced

1/2 large onion diced

1 jar kendall great northern beans, 40 oz

40 oz water

simmer the ham and onions in a few tbs of oil...that makes everyone feel like you spent hours cooking because the smell is so good!

after the onions are looking a clear, add the jar of beans. then, take the empty jar, fill with water and add to the soup.

{i realize i'm pathetic that i use pre-soaked beans, but this is the easy peasy version. if you have the time, soak your own bagged beans over night. honestly, i have used these kendall beans {from wal-mart, like $3} for years...and it's my kids fav.}

let it all simmer on low for about 1 hour...and viola! bean soup!

add some corn bread and a salad, you have yourself a little winter comfy food for the fam!!!

come on by and see me and my fam any time...i'm at a thorn among roses

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  1. mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm
    Looks great!

    Thanks for sharing. May the Lord bless your week in really special ways! : )


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