Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Screaming Meme's Faux School~ Upholstered Head Board

  • Upholstery Foam (2" thickness)
  • Electric Carving Knife

  • Staple gun and staples
  • Twin/Full Bed Sheet/ Or Fabric

  • 1/4" - 1/2"Thick Plywood/ Or Old Head Board

  • Quilting Batting

  • 1x3 boards...(If you are attaching plywood to on)

(Note: If you are using a fabric with a pattern...It is harder to line up.... If you want to attach the plywood to 1x3 boards have them cut to the length you need them and attach the plywood (with screws) before upholstering)

  1. To calculate how much plywood you will need, measure the width of your bed x 48 inches or whatever you choose....The width of your bed will be the length of the longest side of your plywood. (The height can be whatever you want. )

  2. Have the plywood cut at your hardware store...Lowe's and Home Depot will do it for free...

  3. Using an electric carving knife cut the foam to fit the plywood.

  4. Cover the plywood and foam with an piece of quilting batting and fabric large enough to wrap around to the back.

  5. Flip the plywood over and stable the fabric and batting into the back using the staple gun. Start with the top center first and pull, tighten and adjust as you go making sure to keep the pressure even.

  6. You can hang it directly on the wall or attach it to 1x3 boards....

And you are done! This is a fun project...and if you have an old head can upholster over it!

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Written by Screaming Meme


  1. you know i'm in love with this one! i love a handy dandy project that i can do with hubs!

    great post meme!

  2. THIS is so COOL. I've wanted to try this but never got around to it. LOVE IT!

  3. I made a head board for my son's western room. It turned out pretty cool, everyone always asked how I made it. Of course now after all of my hard work, he is too cool for western and wants camo.

  4. I'd love to try this some day...when I do, I may just come over and get you to help me!! :)



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