Monday, February 9, 2009

angel food

in the current economy, being able to save money is necessary. grocery costs are rising and paychecks are not.

enter angel food ministries.

angel food is not a food pantry or a low income service, it is nothing more than a grocery pick up location...with no store front. there are no qualifications or applications. in fact, it's so easy, i want to get orders every week. i check a box on the form, drop in a check and put it in a payment slot. i show up 2 weeks later and my food is ready for me. super duper easy.

Angel food's food is “restaurant grade” meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. which they acquire through involvement with only the best producers/vendors of high quality, “name brand” foods. Never “seconds” or “day old” type products are involved. and from my experience, it's fabulous!
$30 buys a family box that is suppose to be enough food to fully feed a family of 4 for one week. here's what came in my box in january:
4 lb. IQF Leg Quarters
4 oz. Beef Back Ribs
1 lb. 80/20 Lean Ground Beef
2 lb. Breaded Chicken Tenders
1.5 lb. Bone in Pork Chops (4 x 6oz.)
1 lb. Ground Turkey
18 oz. Stuffed Manicotti (Cheese)
12 oz. Smoked Sausage
Betty Crocker Seasoned Potatoes
7 oz. Cheeseburger Dinner
16 oz. Green Beans
16 oz. Baby Carrots
2 lb. Onions
1 lb. Pinto Beans
1 lb. Rice
7 oz. Blueberry Muffin Mix
10 ct. Homestyle Waffles
Dessert Item (cookies)

in addition to the main box, you can order senior or convenience meals that are healthy and pre-made so they are perfect for singles or for lunches/meals on the go. angel food also offers a box of additional meats or a fruit and veggie box in addition to the main box.

so if you are interested, you can go to the angel food ministries site here and read more about how it all started. go here to locate the nearest host site near you. and seriously consider taking part in a great ministry and saving money on your grocery bill!

keep looking around...there's more where this came from...
and if you want to see more of my clan and how we save some bucks, stop by a thorn among roses.


  1. I heard of this...and checked to see if it was in my area! And it was! I was so excited...I want to order a few and try it out! :) Meme

  2. I just placed my order for February. I can't pick it up until the 28th~
    I also ordered a "box" of side and a "box" of fruits & Veggies...all for $68. I can't wait to do a post on this on my blog.
    Thanks for the heads up. Every dollar counts!


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