Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eye Candy

First I want to thank Meme for inviting me to share my painting/decorating thoughts with so many wonderful bloggers! I am new to blogging, but in love with talking about painting! So thanks for being remotely interested in anything I have to write about! And thanks again Meme for the invite!

I have been saddened to hear about so many great magazines going under (ie Domino, Oprah's Home).

But there is hope! I found a brand new magazine called "Where Women Create". This magazine if full of nothin' but EYE CANDY!

On every page I find more pretties and more ideas and more amazing work spaces for a woman's creativity to flourish. They have a saying on the inside cover that says...

"From a Woman's Soul Through a Woman's Eyes By a Woman's Hands".

Oh my.... I love that!

If you are a sewer, a quilter, a jewelry maker, a painter, an artist or a person who is just inspired by other's creativity.... you should check it out! It makes me want to redo my paint studio AGAIN! It also makes me want to become a sewer, a quilter, a etc...

Where Women Create is a quarterly publication. You can find it and purchase it here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and I hope you'll hop over to my blog at The Magic Brush to get inspired to paint your home!

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