Friday, March 13, 2009

what friends do

have you ever wondered how you can help out someone who is sick or has had a recent loss? in a fast paced society, things don't stop if we have to. yard work, laundry, dishes, cleaning and cooking all still need done.

enter what friends do...
{here's a great little video tidbit on how it got started.}

a few things i am in love with about this site...
  • their motto: "we may not be able to change the outcome, but we hope to help change the journey."
  • my hubs actually sent me the link...seriously!{fran basically runs the office where my hubs works. without fran, the office might flip over and shake a leg. anyway, fran and her daughter started this site bc, well, people need a team when there's something going on to keep life going. they had first hand experience when fran's daughter's friend got cancer and needed a team.}
  • there's on online calendar tool for folks to look at to see when they can help and what is needed. if dd needs to go to ballet at 4 on tuesday's, someone can sign up for that.
  • it's do-er thing and you know i love that. it helps people have normalcy, a common place for putting their needs out and others being able to put their name in a place to do the help!
and of course, it's something people can use in addition to a blog...i love it! and it's done in memory of a lovely people who were on her team, fighting for her! i wish i would have had something like this when i was on bedrest last year or in the first 5 months of my sofia's preemie life.

so, know a military family who has a soldier overseas? or a new mom? or a family moving to another state? or someone in the hospital? or a grieving family? this is a great way to set up some much needed help and support during a difficult time...and it's a simple click away!

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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  1. what a cool idea! thanks for sharing the link and info.

  2. Hi Danyele,

    Ryan pointed me toward your blog - what an awesome thing you have going on! :)

    Thanks not only for sharing our site with your audience, but for the great things you posted about It is clear that you "get it". You captured so much of what we are about!

    One day we will meet. I look forward to that. Ryan is such a happy guy, and speaks so highly of you and the girls.


    Fran Kandrac

  3. Thanks I love this. Thanks for the info!


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