Thursday, March 5, 2009

home inventory

if you had a flood or fire or another catastrophe in your home, could you provide a home inventory to your insurance company?

know your stuff home inventory is free service that allows you to download free software to track your homes inventory, both in word and in picture. there's a great video showing you how and why you should consider a home inventory.

and after your inventory is complete, you can store your files on your computer, making copies on DVD and placing them in a safe deposit or fire box away from the home. if that's not in your game, know your stuff has a vault 24 program available to access your info online as well.

so grab your camera and your keyboard...and get a inventory-ing!!

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  1. Fantastic idea...also, my mother who lives in Pascagoula, Mississippi has made copies of family photos for different siblings for safe keeping in case of another disaster.


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