Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Huge Giveway! Come Celebrate Our Grand Opening!

{Screaming Meme} Presents...
...Project: {Create A Home} & It's
Grand Opening...March 16th, 2009!!!!!!!

Giveaways! Surprises! And {1} lucky reader will win a Life Makeover!
It could be you! Read details below! Good luck, ladies!

Hi, I'm Meme, better known as Screaming Meme! I want to warmly welcome you to a blog I created to share with creative and inspiring women like yourself....My vision was to create a blog to bring women from around the world together to inspire and uplift one another to create the life that we all know we deserve...

We all have dreams and inspire to be the best we can be...We start out on this journey we call life with hopes and dreams that no one could dash...And as time goes by our dreams of yesterday are put to the side...In hopes that someday we will be able to get back to them...When life calms down and the children are grown...When the finances are secure and you have the self esteem to actually create that life you have always dreamt of...Only to realize that life will never calm down and your children will have children...The finances will never be as secure as you would like them to be and your self esteem will never be built up without stepping out and taking risks...

Women are extraordinary human beings...I marvel at the strengths and abilities they can create...I know that they have only scratched the surface of what they can become...The depth of their capabilities are astounding and miraculous....So, I created the Project to have a place where they can come and find inspiration and information to help start to create the life they deserve to have...

We all long to be that woman in our dreams...The woman who steps out and creates a life that is sure to leave a legacy...A woman who creates and inspires the world to be a better place...A woman that dares to fight the tide of life to get to a place that will free her of all her insecurities and wounds from the past...It's time to nurture and care for that woman that lives inside you, so that you may have even more to give to this world...

Welcome to the Project...Where you can create and inspire to be your best!

The Project: {Create A Home} Giveaway:
I wanted to create a giveaway to reflect the beauty and vision of the Project...I wanted it to be a gift of change and inspiration to the winner's life...I lost sleep on thinking of how I could create a giveaway that could touch some one's life and make a difference that could ultimately change who they are and what we can become...
I came up with...Drum roll, please........

A Life & Style Makeover...The winner will be able to choose three areas in their life that they need help on...And the Project Girls will magically help guide them to a new place and a new vision for their life...Here's how it works...Say the winner chooses to create a new living space that she can enjoy and relax in...The Decorating team will work together with her via email,photos and blog to help stage her living space...A virtual makeover, you say? Yes, We will help her move things around...snoop through her other rooms to bring new life into her space, and suggest items that she could bring in to make the space even better! It will be a detailed process that will be revealed to Blog Land in the next coming months...She can also choose from...

  • Economical &tips and easy ways to cut costs... Easy Menu Plan...which would include recipes,
  • Home & Life Organization/Cleaning Plan...which would include detailed instruction on how to organize and clean her space via email, photos and blog...

  • Finance Help...How to help her get into shape financially...

  • Technical Support...Help with learning the digital blogging, cameras, computers and such...

  • Life Coaching...A team of inspiring women will help uplift and inspire her to a new direction via emails and blog...

  • Get Fit & Healthy...A team of health nuts will guide her to a more healthy and fit woman through tips on exercising, proper nutrition, and ways to stay on track...

  • Beauty and Fashion...A team of Divas will go through her wardrobe, accessories and make~up via email, photos and blog...Give ideas and suggestions what to purchase in the future to add to her wardrobe...for a new look for the new her!

At the end of the Makeover the team will get together and decide on a gift that will best suit her new life...Screaming Meme will personally select and purchase the item that will be given...

Life & Style Makeover will start Monday, March 16th, 2009, 12:00 am...One lucky winner will be chosen by the Project Girls...The participants will have to write an essay on why they or someone they love deserves a Life & Style Makeover and post it on their blog...We will have Mr. Linky set up, so that you can enter your post... The Life & Style Giveaway will end on Monday March 23rd, 2009 5:00 pm Central Time....

Other Awesome Surprises will be given away on some of the Project: {Create A Home}Writer's personal blogs! There will be a link to all the giveaways!!!

Set your calenders, Ladies! Let all your friends and family know! We look forward to celebrating a new life with you in 2009! See you there!

XOXO, Screaming Meme & The Girls!

Grab Our Special Button that {Mommaof4wife2r}, our Managing Editor, created especially for our Life & Style Giveaway! It may just bring you luck...{Want a hint?...."Surprises" was mentioned in the above heading...:) Don't you love surprises! }

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  1. more than excited...and i'm going to be giving a few special things away over at my a thorn among roses too! yeah!!!

  2. I know...I think I teeteed because I was so excited! :0...:) Meme

  3. You snazzy ladies are always up to something aren't you? ;-) Sounds like a lot of fun!!

  4. Ohhh! Grabbed your button! Super excited to see what everyone comes up with!

  5. Oh, very exciting! Congratulations! All the best to you in your new adventure!!!


  6. I think this will be an awesome giveaway Meme and a great way for women all over to be empowered! Thank you!!! :-) I'll be giving away some goodies too...what a fun day the 16th will be! ;-)

  7. This site is soooo awesome - I'm really excited for the full on launch & grand opening!!!
    Linnea Paulina

  8. This is going to be an very exciting project, I cant wait. Congrats on your new adventure.

  9. Thanks for the invite :) How exciting! I could use some serious help in several departments of my home right now.. bathrooms & kitchen!
    Good luck to all the entries.

  10. How exciting. It sounds like a wonderful adventure!


  11. What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the invitation to participate.
    Your blog is awesome!

  12. So glad to join with you!!!! Thank you for inviting me! I don't need the giveaway . . . just here for the friends :-) And I can tell this is a happening place!!!! So thrilled to be a part of this bloggie girl thing . . . You go, girls!XO

  13. i would love to be entered in the drawing, and i am an avit follower of the blog :) Please enter me in the drawing!!! :)

  14. Hi, Meme! Thanks for your very sweet comments & for stopping by to see me. I look forward to seeing what you & your girls are up to over here, so I'll add you to my Bloglines. Enjoy!!

  15. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  16. Hi Meme, thanks for hosting to exciting adventure. I will be stopping by and added you to my blog. Look forward to this new adventure and taking part in it.


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