Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

Okay this picture is meant to scare you...It scared the heck out of me! :) This is a picture of what happens to your feet, if you do not get control of the fungus...:) Can you imagine sporting these feet around the pool side this summer? Read on...Darlings...I have some great home remedies that can help you save those pretty little toenails before summer! :)

Why are you always covering your feet up? Do you have some dirty little secret hiding under your cute polka dotted socks?...Fungus can be so hard to get hid of...You can pick it up anywhere and is sometimes hereditary...Here are some natural remedies that may help...

  • Tea tree oil is a potent natural antiseptic and fungicide that will help fight your fungus. Apply undiluted tea tree oil with olive oil to the affected toe nail. Alternatively you can put few drops of tea tree oil on toenails and rub it thoroughly every day.

  • Got Mouthwash? Soak your toes in Listerine mouthwash. The powerful antiseptic leaves your toe nails looking healthy.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar...Soak your toenails for 15 - 20 minutes in a basin full of warm water and natural apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportion. When done, dry your toenails thoroughly. Use a hair dryer on warm setting to absorb all the moisture in and around the toes.

Your diet can help you combat this problem, as well...Diet plays a very vital role in curing any ailment. People suffering from toe nail fungus should include more probiotics – good bacteria, in their diet. This will help your body to get rid of the fungus. Yogurt and kefir are good sources of probiotics. There are also some great supplements on the market, as well...Reduce intake of refined carbs like sugar, dairy products and vinegar. Olive leaf extract is an excellent internal anti-fungal agent.

Clean Your Feet....The fungus thrives in warm moist areas like spas, swimming pools, showers or locker rooms. If you step on a warm puddle or floor, you can pick up the infection. After using such public places, wash your feet thoroughly and dry them well. Use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the nails....

Cotton Love...Wear cotton socks to absorb moisture from the feet that happens from sweating...If your socks are damp, take them off and dry your feet before wearing a fresh pair of dry socks.

Trim those Edward Scissor "feet".....Keep your nails cut short, and don't use nail polish. (At least until you cure the problem)...Trim your toenails regularly..... Trim them into a straight line and then smooth the edges with a nail file..... Be careful of nail salons...They could be filled with that fungus in the basins,on the their tools and equipment, and luring in the corners...If you do go to a nail salon, make sure you are fungus free, as well...and bring your own tools...

Written By Screaming Meme...Editor In Chief

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  1. SCARY....but terrific post!
    Thanks so much for your info.
    Listerine was bought pic!
    Like vampire feet!

  2. Ok, Now thats Gross! A little know secret about me! I also have my nail Tech license, and I did own a Day Spa for 10 years. And you are right on track with this post..... Beware of the Cheap Pedicure! I may have to do a post on why!!!


  3. Ack!! I'll have to scrub my eyeballs now. I am not only design challenged I can't paint my toenails.. I kid you not!! I have to have a pedicure :oX Dang, I would hate to sit down and make a list of all the I can't versus the I can, LOL. Ok..still trying to get that picture out of my head!



  4. i'm terrified of those feet. can you imagine going to get a pedicure after those things? yikes!

  5. Okay...I'm so going to puke.

  6. Ohmygoodness, I am going to go throw up after seeing that picture!!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness...that is so SICK!!!! I hope I never have a FUNGUS!!!


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