Monday, March 16, 2009

danyele from a thorn among roses

allow me to introduce myself...i'm danyele, the managing editor of project{create a home} and the bloggy momma behind a thorn among roses.

i am a wife of a super hot man, a momma to 4 silly and funny girlie pies and a foster mom to many. i am an open book...our family is our life, right next to our faith. i blog to show everyone that weird is the new normal and everyone needs to learn to laugh a little bit at themselves a little more.

i am a do-er kinda girl...if i see something i like, i try it. and i don't it. crafting around is just fun for me...i don't get anal, i just craft for pretty's! i will try my hand at about anything...and if i fail, well, i right it up as not my field of expertise.
i am an mechanical engineer by degree, so i can over analyze just about anything...and i'm a techie. sad, but true. i love to cook, but only if it's simple, and inexpensive and my fam will eat it.
my biggest passion is photography with crafting coming in a very close second. anything that i can express myself and there's no real "rules" is my kind of thing!

so stomp around here...look at all the super fab stuff. you will want to learn some new things. if not, we'll tell you where you can buy them or bribe your friends to make them for you.

we'll give you life lessons and laughter, some cooking and cleaning tips and even a bit of techie stuff...and then, we'll decorate you and your house all up nice and pretty! so, what are you waiting for?? go ahead...look!

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  1. I love that! :) You truly have it all, girl! It is so nice to read about you and your passions!

  2. Hey! I love your site. Happy to meet ya' here!

  3. Your an Amazing Techie! I couldn't figure out how to schedule my post till your walked us through on your last post! Your Awesome and I'm so excited to be included with such wonderful women!



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