Monday, March 2, 2009

shopping list, geek style

i'm a self professed geek {engineer by degree}, so i love techie stuff that makes my house run easier. i have some serious shopping list love for the smart shopper. i have had this beauty in my house for the last year and i love it.

not only is it smart, it's fun and that means that the actual grocery needs get added by the kids and hubs as necessary. need milk? press "RECORD" and say "MILK"...3 selections will pop up for you to make your choice. press "SELECT" for your choice and it's all done.

when it's time for the grocery trip, you print the list...and the your list is automatically seperated into categories just like the grocery store...produce, baby items, meats, frozen foods, etc.

even better, if you want to play party games, try taking turns to see who can say the "ketchup" and get the funniest results...sad, but we do this at dinner time some days. it's a lot of fun...and if you actually need to add a special item or to re-identify the way you say a canned word, it can do that too! this thing is a like a little list miracle!

there's a new version in 2009 that is available from smart shopper and it has a cute little integrated kitchen timer and it's been restyled. if you wanna see more, take a look here.

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