Monday, March 16, 2009

project{create a home} life and style makeover giveaway

project{create a home} life and style makeover giveaway

it's here!!! go and read all the gory details and what's up for's good stuff. and the info is all right HERE.

give us your best story on why you {or your friend} need a life and style it up from march 16-20 {please link directly to your post}. mr. linky is over on the sidebar, not in this post. {look right}

grab the's on the side bar for easy access.

spread the word and get all your friends involved!

a winner will be chosen on march 23.

More Details About The Project: {Create A Home} Giveaway From Screaming Meme...

I wanted to create a giveaway to reflect the beauty and vision of the Project...I wanted it to be a gift of change and inspiration to the winner's life...I lost sleep on thinking of how I could create a giveaway that could touch some one's life and make a difference that could ultimately change who they are and what we can become...I came up with...Drum roll, please........ A Life & Style Makeover...The winner will be able to choose three areas in their life that they need help on...And the Project Girls will magically help guide them to a new place and a new vision for their life...Here's how it works...Say the winner chooses to create a new living space that she can enjoy and relax in...The Decorating team will work together with her via email,photos and blog to help stage her living space...A virtual makeover, you say? Yes, We will help her move things around...snoop through her other rooms to bring new life into her space, and suggest items that she could bring in to make the space even better! It will be a detailed process that will be revealed to Blog Land in the next coming months...She can also choose from...
Economical &tips and easy ways to cut costs... Easy Menu Plan...which would include recipes,
Home & Life Organization/Cleaning Plan...which would include detailed instruction on how to organize and clean her space via email, photos and blog...
Finance Help...How to help her get into shape financially...
Technical Support...Help with learning the digital blogging, cameras, computers and such...
Life Coaching...A team of inspiring women will help uplift and inspire her to a new direction via emails and blog...
Get Fit & Healthy...A team of health nuts will guide her to a more healthy and fit woman through tips on exercising, proper nutrition, and ways to stay on track...
Beauty and Fashion...A team of Divas will go through her wardrobe, accessories and make~up via email, photos and blog...Give ideas and suggestions what to purchase in the future to add to her wardrobe...for a new look for the new her!
At the end of the Makeover the team will get together and decide on a gift that will best suit her new life...Screaming Meme will personally select and purchase the item that will be given...

there are also super fab little treats being given away from many of the editors and contributors on their personal blogs...go check out these giveaways too!

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  1. What a fun blog! I love it!
    sandy toe

  2. Great blog! I am so excited about your giveaway idea!!!

  3. My friend, Beth, at Walk a Mile, DESERVES TO WIN! Can we put in votes for others? She has worked so hard on herself over the last year. She amazes and impresses me and makes me envious at all she has accomplished, but mostly I'm so happy for her and the peace and joy she has found in her life. Winning this would be the icing on the cake... a way to honor her for all the self-assessment she has done. Go, Beth!

  4. The link for Kramer Angle didn't work, just wanted to let you know.
    This blog looks exciting and like something I will really enjoy. Thank you Meme and all!

  5. I have posted an essay for the life makeover for a friend. Is that the way to do the essay.

  6. This is a wonderful blog I have linked to it and will give it a try.
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY~

  7. :) Such a great site and giveaway...

    *happy sigh*


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