Wednesday, March 25, 2009

oh beans...

a super fun toy or gift for kids...bean bags!!
i made little bags for party favors for jk's bday...all the kids loved them and the parents were thrilled to not have junk, plastic toys that get tossed and clutter things up.

so here's how you do it:
grab some extra fabric {my piece is scrap fleece and felt, 8"x5"} misc ribbon to match scissors sewing machine {no machine? use wonder under or a glue gun} bag of dried beans

since i have 4 girlies, we differentiate between each bag by shape. {silly, i know, but it lessens the fights later}. i use the big zig zaggy stitch and sew a shape on top of the fabric. {no perfection required...just look at the end pic}
then sew up the sides inside out and leave a small space for filling and for adding the ribbon to the final deal.

flip the bag inside out, to show the right side...ahhh, pretty!
grab a funnel {or make one with a scrap piece of paper} and fill up with a $1 bag of your dried beans of choice...or you can use rice or couscous}

after the bag is about 80% filled, add the ribbon in the hole, and sew shut the open seam right over the top and thru the ribbon.

and you get fun bean real cost...and a super fun toy!

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  1. Hi!
    I loved your blog.Beautiful pictures and great ideas.
    From Brazil

  2. So cute, easy, and practical! LOVE it!!! :-)

  3. How fun are these sweet things! You could make them bigger as bean bag pads to play games and watch tv on the floor...;)

  4. There's another great use for (modified) bean bags - training dogs who bark or jump. You fill a bag with some styrofoam peanuts and then beans and stitch it up. Then you put it inside your shirt for a day so it smells like you. When dogs jump and bark at the door or up on people, you say a firm "No!" and toss the bag, NOT AT THEM, but just over their heads or to the side. It makes a sound they don't like and they don't understand how it flies. I've trained many rescue dogs not to bark/jump in one day's time this way.


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