Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laundry Day

I have friends who love to do laundry, and they love to iron! Me not so much, although I love a decorated laundry room! Now that might motivate me. Why is it the last room we decorate and it's probably the room we use the most! Now tackle those laundry rooms....


Cathleen @ DesignbyCathleen

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Now I need to go paint my laundry room adn get rid of some clutter, LOL.

    {{Big Hugs}}


  2. Wow! If I had a laundry room like that I wouldn't want to leave it!

  3. in love love love with the laundry room! i want to not be doing laundry in the basement corner...but in those rooms! off to make a honey do list for hubs!

  4. Hi Cathleen...

    I'm fairly new to your blog...and have really enjoyed it! I added you to my blog "follow list" and look forward to your upcoming posts! So nice to meet you!!!

    Well my friend, it's just hard for me to imagine anything pretty or attractive about laundry! I enjoyed all these photos and especially the photo of the pretty linens all tied up in ribbon displayed in that linen closet...how inspiring, makes me want to go and do that to mine! And...that black & white damask ironing board cover...tres chic!!!

    Warmest wishes,


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