Monday, March 30, 2009

fool's foods

april fool's day is just around the corner...
how about haivng a little fun with your fam in the kitchen?

sushi??? or rice crispies wrapped in fruit leather! family fun has the recipe and details on pulling this one off.
how about some mashed potatoes and gravy for dessert??? (ewww)
{ice cream and butterscotch/caramel topping}
and a delicious after school snack of peas and fish sticks?
{recipe here}
1. For the fish sticks, place a couple of handfuls of cornflakes in a ziplock bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Cover 2 sugar wafer cookies with peanut butter, then toss them in the cornflake crumbs to coat.
2. For the peas, tear off and roll small pieces of the taffy candy into balls. If the taffy is too stiff to work with, microwave it for about 6 seconds.
3. For the ketchup, use a fork to stir a few teaspoons of the jam until it's smooth.

go have some fun with the kids...why not? don' thave kids? take the snacks to work and freak out the co workers!!!

happy spring!
danyele @ a thorn among roses

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  1. Cool beans and ones we all can enjoy!!!

  2. hi! i just found your blog and i love it! great ideas! i'm a follower now :)

  3. Hi Danyele! Two great posts today. This site is really doing the job it set out to do!


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