Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey,You Lazy People...Yes, I'm Talking To You!

You know who you are sitting there scrolling through blogs,emails,checking the mail,walking the dog,running to the school to drop off lunches or gym clothes, and don't forget...that 3rd trip to Walmart today...I know you...because I am just like you... A Lazy Perfectionist...What is a Lazy Perfectionist, you ask?...She wants every detail to be perfect but can't find the energy or right (easier) path to get it all done...she procrastinates, thinks too much and wastes time pondering on the details...I have found a fun way to make it a little easier...I call it "The Model Home Sweep"...(Fitting because I'm a Model Home Designer...I want my home to look like the houses I design...But the kids,stress,dogs,phones,emails,blogs,errands,mindless pondering always left me exhausted and over whelmed...I had to bring it down to an Elementary level...okay...a Kindergarten level...And simplify the process...So, here is my solution...and it really does work!...Give yourself 10 minutes a day and in about a week you will be amazed...if not I'll refund your money...oh wait...This isn't a Oreck commercial....;) Anyway, you will be amazed at the results...And no emails requesting a refund, please....;)

Is it me? Or does she need a shave? Now that is lazy!

"The Model Home Sweep"
You set your timer for 10 minutes... Be sure to use a timer...It helps motivate you...
As soon as the timer starts..... Go girl!!!!...Run, Forest, Run!!!!! You get the picture!
I cry everytime I watch this movie...and swear I'll never watch it again...It is one of the best movies of all time...But it gets me everytime! :(

You then have exactly 10 minutes to do anything and everything necessary to help you get your home back into shape. This can include washing the dishes, picking up dirty laundry from the floor, making your bed, scrubbing the toilet, dusting the bookshelves, sweeping,mopping or vacuuming the floor, you name it...Just do it fast!
Act as though you are in a race and you have to win...Your inner athlete will emerge...Don't get scared...She will go back in...Offer her a cookie...She can't compete all day,honey!...She's a Lazy Perfectionist...remember? ;)

You don't have to do everything on your list...Heck, you usually don't anyway...right..lol! You just have to keep going until the timer goes off.
Once the timer goes off, you immediately stop what you are doing and continue the next day...Unless that little Athlete in you wants to go another 10 minutes...But the rule is you have to finish the next 10 minutes...I know...I'm cruel...:) But it makes it a game and it makes it fun! The kids will be more willing to help with this game, too!
What Lazy Perfectionist and procrastinator wouldn't love this game! If I could box this baby up...I'd sell it to Milton Bradley...lol!
Another hidden advantage is that once you start this method, in only a matter of days your house will be exactly how you want it to be...and from there on in, all it will take is some minimal Model Home Sweeping to have a clean house! Here's to you...That Lazy Perfectionist dying to break out of that rut, sitting there eating a cookie and reading this blog...Now, get up and give me 20!...I...mean 10 minutes!

Written by Screaming Meme...Editor In Cheif...I mean Chief! :)

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  1. ROFL I am so glad someone else can relate! Years ago when there were only a couple of hundred followers I remember coming across FlyLady and she recommends the same thing and it does work, especially with the kids ;o) Thank you for writing that post!!

    {{Big Hugs}}


  2. This is what we do at my house...except that I get hubs involved too. I figure we both make the mess and I am not the MAID!! LOL!! The other thing that has worked for us is that we make sure that we follow a routine otherwise we forget to do it...i.e., 7:30 clean; 8:00 bath and bed for for dtr....rest of the night....RELAX!!

  3. thanks for waking me up, and that was before a 10min dash!!!

  4. Hi Cathleen...

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place! Okay, I just know that you were talking about me in this post today...and we've just met...how did you know? Hehe!!! I AM THE LAZY PERFECTIONIST to a tee! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading your post! I really do think that you may be on to something though...I'm going to give your "10 min. workout a try!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...I'll report back in a week and let you know how it went...hehe!!!


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