Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to the Project! My name is Screaming Meme! Though I don't really scream a lot, I love to scream about the Project! I created the Project for a way for inspiring and creative women to come together and build each other up to the women we all long to be...

  • The women that can use power tools and change their own oil in high heels (If they wanted to).

  • The women that can learn to find her "own" style for her home and herself.

  • The women that want to learn to make their home more welcoming for family and guests and for themselves.

  • The women that can run a marathon or learn to do Yoga, even though they used to think they couldn't.

  • The women that want to learn to find more energy through the right diet and exercise, because they lose energy within a few hours of waking up.

  • The women that can start a new business, even though they have been struggling with anxiety or fear and have been a prisoner from that their whole life...

  • The women that want to learn how to be more spiritual and in touch with God.

  • The women that want to learn to be happy and fulfilled, even though this world has dealt them a bad hand...And wants to be able to live the rest of her days feeling grateful and happy to just be alive!
  • The women who want to learn easier ways to be the wife and mother they truly were meant to be.

  • The women who are starting out and have so many questions about life and which road to take...

  • The women who are dealing with the empty nest syndrome and need guidance from women that have been there.

  • The women who are so disorganized that if, Oprah and Peter Walsh, were to show up at her door step, she would run and hide...(I know your out there! :)

  • The women that really don't know how to use a skillet or can't even find the skillet to feed their poor family because she is cooking~disabled!

  • The women that want to learn to cut household costs through learning to shop more efficiently and learn to make things on her own.

  • The women that want to learn how to use the computer more efficiently and who need guidance and how to's to get there.

  • The women that just need a little lift or humor to continue down that beautiful road we call life!

We share so much wealth of knowledge on the Project! We have questions through out our lives, and the best answers come from women who have been there...Welcome to the Project! Where you not only learn to create a home, but you learn to create a LIFE!

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  1. awww meme! you rock my face off! love your wisdom and vision! wooo hooo!

  2. Dear Meme, You should be so proud of yourself, I'm really proud of all your accomplishments! It's only just begun!


  3. Hi good to visit with you again. I have posted any essay for a friend on my blog. Is that the way to do it. Let me know. Thanks for the opportunity It is fabulous.


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