Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laughter Captured & A Prize!

Meme has named me the Paper Diva... Seriously, how freakin cute is that??? So as the Paper Diva, I will share paper crafting ideas, projects, weekly challenges and prizes too! Now with that out of the way, on with the show.

Simple Scrapbook pages can share so much with family, friends and future generations.
It shows a moment, in the journaling box, a quick snippet (which, I left blank as it is a gift for my brother). Finally, in the case of this page a couple very simple additions. I of course will add more intricate pages as time goes on.

I love this page as it really does focus on the picture. It was years ago and my brother decided to bring a kiddie pool to my house. He set it up and the kids were splashing and playing and "swimming" for hours. Suddenly, I heard a huge splash and the loud laughter of children. As it turned out my kids and nephew had pulled my brother into the pool and jumped, wrestled and danced all over him. They still laugh when they see this picture. As do we all. What a great memory, for my kids, my brother, his children and our future generations. Plus, it will explain were they get their silly gene from!

So, what is the challenge part you ask? It is super easy. Design a simple scrapbook page with the title laughter and share a memory, you, your children, a family member or perhaps a group of friend have shared, laughed and can still make you giggle over. Then take a picture or scan of your completed page and post it on your blog. Share a link with me here. It's that simple.

I will go through the postings submitted by 5:00 pm (CDT) Tuesday, February 3, 2009 and pick a winner!! Then, next week Wednesday, I will post my new project, the new challenge and announce the winner!!! I will also personally contact you and send a prize your way. Good Luck!! Get Crafty and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Scroll down and red more creative ideas from the Project Gang!
Your Paper Diva,



  1. Paper Diva! I love it! How do we link it? Do we need to set that up now? Meme

  2. All anyone has to do is post with a link in the comment and I will go check their blog and posted page out.

  3. ok, i have so much paper love...i love you for that! but alas, 4 kids and no time to lay it all out. so i'm a digi for the morning. but i got it done. i'm all linked up. have to go...the baby is eating dog food...again!

  4. so i created the link and it posted, so it's not showing...i'm befuddled. oh well...


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