Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What if....

If we all did the things we are capable of....
we would astound ourselves...Thomas Edison

What if you could learn to do anything? What would it be? Would it be to be a better person...to learn to be at peace with yourself and to love YOUR life and not someone else's?...To learn to create a life you have always wanted and deserved?...Would be to learn a trade or craft...like sewing, slip covering, decorating, furniture refurbishing, woodworking, cooking and baking like a professional chef, to learn to dress and look like a million, so that you had the confidence to show the world what you have to offer, to learn how to plan parties, holidays, and special events as hobby or a business to entertain your friends and family and community, to design jewelry and accessories that you could easily sell in high end boutiques or a home based business or as special gifts to give your friends and family, to learn to organize your life, home and time... to learn to prioritize them all, so that you could accomplish all your dreams and create a destiny that you know you and your family deserve?...Would it be to learn how to find true love and keep it and to take your intimate relationship with your lover to a deeper and more profound place, while learning to create your own love story along that journey...?Would it be to heal yourself and to build up your self esteem, so that you could create more in your life because you truely felt you were worthy?...Would it be to learn to be a better mother, aunt,grandmother or woman of influence... to teach and influence children and our young men and women to be the best they can be....?Would it be to learn to manage money and finances, so that you could live a more secure life?...Would it be to learn to be an entrepreneur...to create a path for your vision or dream occupation, to learn to plan a business and learn how to market it efficiently?.... Would it be to learn to write, blog, or build a web site to market your business or your family history?

We all have dreams and we all want to learn how to achieve them...I want to hear your dreams or your list of things you want to accomplish in your life...This is something that will be a great asset to you and our Project...This is an assignment, girls.... and I want you to TAKE THE TIME to create a list...Dig deep and think about YOUR dreams....It is so important for you and for us to know how to help each other create a life that is meaningful and cherished....
We all have friends and family that would love to learn how to make a better life along with us...Give them our blog address...It is a simple gift, that could change their lives for the better!
I am looking for new writers for the Project! We need inspiring and creative women, who can help us learn easier ways to live a life we all know we deserve! Email me @ meme.screamingmeme@gmail.com

Written by Screaming Meme~

You can find me over at http://thescreamingmeme.blogspot.com


  1. I love this question!!!
    It stirs the imagination.

  2. What an awesome goal for the new year!!! I would love to be a guest writer...I just need to think of something really great first!:-)

    As you saw from our blog, my latest posts have been about how to live life fully while facing a life threatening illness, since my mom just left me that legacy. I don't want to be a "Debbie Downer" though if you are looking for more lighthearted topics.

    Just let me know what you would like your focus to be and I can sumbit something to you, and if it is blog worthy, terrific, and if not, that is Ok too!

    Thanks Meme!


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