Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Stop Being Offended Game

I recently started pondering on being offended...I always have prided myself on being an open, cheery, and giving person...Me...ever offended? Never...I thought to myself...Well, besides that time that someone misunderstood what I was saying and made me feel like I had a to offend my thoughts...and that other time, when I was left out of an important meeting...Yeah, I was offended then, too...I guess, we all get offended from time to time....When we get our feelings hurt, or we are misunderstood by someone, or we are offended by someone else's words or actions....

I want to share with you something magical that is happening inside of me...The magic of letting go of being offended...Who would of thought by making this a part of my life, how much more happiness would come into my life...I use it as a game now...This is how it works...When someone says something that is mean or cruel..or just negative...I stop...breath...and let it go...I don't judge them or get mad...I let them have their own opinion...I don't tell them what I think...or get wrapped up in a negative discussion...And when someone is being rude, like at the grocery store, I don't let my blood boil or say something rude back...I disconnect myself from it...and move on in my day...When I am left out of something...I don't get sad or carry anger...I simply say to myself...let it go...You were not meant to be there...I don't hold on to the anger and dislike the person or persons who left me out...I just choose to be happy...I choose to live a life that will make a difference to my life and the lives around me...When someone wants to talk negatively, I don't chime in and bring myself down to that level...And I don't put myself on a pedestal that says that I am better than them, either...I don't judge the situation, at all..I move forward...Moving forward with an attitude of the only way to stop feeling angry, hurt, or offended...Lastly, When someone is dressed inappropiately or in a way that offends or upsets you, learn to let that go, as well...I have learned to not judge people by the way they are know what kind of attire I am talking about...The trashy, scantily clad attire...They are trying to get attention and fill a void in their lives or make themselves feel or look certain way to make themselves feel important or different...You can choose to judge them or to let them be who they want to be...You don't have to agree or disagree...You are choosing to not be offended by it...And not giving your positive energy to it, either...Take this little game...and try it out on the next thing that upsets you...I promise it will be such an uplifting moment...and you'll start using it everyday of your life...

Written by: Screaming Meme


  1. yes, maam! i'm shouting at the top of my lungs here! you need to go read my post from yesterday...same thing. great minds, think alike!

  2. Wow, well said girl! Thanks for telling me what I need to hear, and put into practice every day. Sometimes I feel like everyone in the world is out to offend me, and the sorry part is, sometimes I let them!

  3. Beautifully said, and no words were ever more true!!!!!!! Life is too short to let situations get us down, and "letting it go" just brings such peace! Way to go! :-)

  4. I needed this today. Thank you. :)


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