Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Faux Curtains

I wanted to add to Meme's Faux no sew Class.

My instant no sew curtain trick is Sheets. I use a flat sheet and hang from these rings with clips.
Look they are ready to go, and no sew!

I have 9 foot ceilings, I used king flat sheets, for rooms with lower ceilings twin sheet work great.
Sheets are inexpensive and look great, I always get compliments on the window treatments and when I let my secret out no one believes me!



  1. I think it looks terrific!!! You could even embellish with fringe on the sides, etc...just beautiful!!!! :-)

  2. oh my gosh that's a great idea...why didn't I think of that? lol...where did you find those nifty little rings??

  3. MC~ You can find them at any hardware or discount department stores, like Walmart and Target! :)

  4. Cathleen~ You are kidding me! I have used this technique before...but yours look so real! I bet they are lux sheets...Which would make them look richer and more like curtains! You blew me with this one!...I want to know what brand you used...I love them!

  5. That is a great Idea! I would have never guessed those were sheets.


  6. Thanks for letting us in on your secret, what a fabulous look! Those must be some REALLY nice sheets...

  7. What an amazing idea! Those look fabulous and I would have never guessed those were sheets. Hmmmm....no you have me thinking!

  8. Hi I saw your name over at Darlene's nice to meet you !!

    I love that chair in your livingroom and I would never have guessed your curtains were sheets. Lovely !!

    Kathy :)

  9. That looks incredible!!! And I'm in love with your couches too :). I once used pillowcases to make a cafe curtain in a former house, and everyone loved it! Great inspiration -- thanks for sharing!

  10. So glad you all love the sheet, cause I sure do. I did bought a High thread count on these (600). I purchased them a Bed, Bath and Beyond and was able to purchase Flat Sheet separately. Buying separates is key, it is still cheaper than traditional curtains. My sliding glass door I used 2 sets of sheets and on my windows I cut them in half and just folder over the edge. The rings where purchased at Wal Mart. Wal Mart also has a huge selection of flat sheets in basic colors, I used a Chocolate Brown flat Sheet and hung it as my shower curtain in the bath, I brought it all the way up the the ceiling. Wal Marts flat sheet start at $8. for twins up $13 for Kings. Oh, and my little chair is Pier One!

    Cathleen :)

  11. Fabulous idea Cathleen! Kuddos to you :)!!!!!! I love it! and i am going to do it soon! I will post pick on my blog to show you all my new curtains!!!


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