Friday, January 30, 2009

Do all that is in your heart.

Hi, my name is Lalena – sounds totally different than its spelled ;)

I am so honored and excited to be included with such a creative group of women!

I love the bloggsphere. For thousands of years women have passed their stories and experiences to their daughters and granddaughters keeping all those wonderful insights contained within one family, but know we are able learn, grow and best of all, support our sisters all over the world.

We can make simple things beautiful.

Get tips on fashion.

And know how to pray.

I’m just a 30 something mom…okay, okay… a pushing 40 mom of teens, trying to find my place in this new phase of life. My first-born is turning 20 and is away at college. My heart aches because I miss him more than I could ever express, but I am learning to find contentment in his joy. He LOVES what he’s doing. So in turn - I love what he’s doing. The middle one, my young man, lives at home while working full time and attending our local college. He’s a busy boy! Then I have my baby, my sweet pea, my sunshine, she is a junior in High School and cant wait to get out of this small town.

I really never thought about being here. By here, I mean a year away from a lonely empty nest. When I got married, a lifetime ago, I was caught in the fantasy of it all. My man knew he wanted me and he knew he wanted to grow old with me…but really, I just wanted out. And grow old? What the heck? I don’t think so! I wanted to be an adult and a mom. I couldn’t see what the reality of marriage would hold or to be honest, even past the end of my nose.

So now I find myself learning to be content with me. After 20 years of marriage and family I realized I don’t even have a favorite color and I have never sat in a restaurant alone. I have poured every ounce of my life into my family and wouldn’t change a thing, but now I have time for me.

I strive to embrace every moment, because there is no going back.

Not too long ago I was driving into town. The town I have lived in most of my life. And I happened to look up and out over the fields. In all this time I had never really opened my eyes to the fact that we are surrounded by hills…completely surrounded. I had spent so much time just “living” I hadn’t noticed the beautiful valley in which I live. ~I cried.

Life can be that way. Nose to the grindstone – horse to the plow sort of living. Ick. What a waste. Our lives are busy, hectic, chaotic, challenging, rewarding and full….but isn’t that the point? Who would want to live any other way? How boring would that be? The point is to live it – ALL of it!

If you’re busy, then be busy with purpose.

If life is hectic, drop 1, 2 or 3 things…the world will keep spinning, I promise.

Take a challenge head on; just don’t lose yourself in the process.

Embrace life…its worth living!

I’d love to hear about your journey through this place we call life. Let me know and we can go together!

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  1. That was beautiful!! I know a lot of women feel the same way and I hope they will stop and take some time for themselves and to enjoy life..even the little things.

    {{Big Hugs}}


  2. What an inspiring post. thanks for pointing out some truths to us all.

  3. You and I will be emptying our nest at the same time, so we can help each other, OK? My baby is a girl and a junior too, and doesn't want to do the things the same way as the boys did! She is quite we are trying to map our her path!
    One boy is in college now, and loves it, and one is happily married/working in AL!!
    So we're off to a good start. Thanks for the clarion call to live and I'll up the ante and say LIVE OUT LOUD!! Do the things you've always wanted to do, but couldn't and ENJOY! Looking forward to encouraging us thru this! ;)


  4. there is NO going back for sure. my oldest is in 8th grade and i have a 12 month old and 2 in between and every day i see them getting bigger and older...and me and hubs trying to make sure we are growing together each day so when they do leave the nest, we are better than we were when we got married as a couple...not just parents. great advice, lady!


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