Saturday, January 31, 2009


even the fonts on our computers have gone green...well at least at eco font.

here are many things we can do to save our printer's ink like using unbleached paper, an efficient printer, and printing only when necessary, but SPRANQ developed one more alternative called the Ecofont. The Dutch company says their new font design uses up to 20 percent less ink.

well, here's how it's done...the big secret is in the font design. see how there are dots in each letter? well, the font is modeled after swiss cheese {who's hungry}. the crazy techies there evaluated the best way to preserve ink and after shooting down zebra striped fonts and super thin letters, the "holey" font is the best fit to make it legible and still handsome!

Ecofont is compatible with Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. You can download the font for free over at Ecofont

it's free and you'll save upto 20% of ink in your printer cartridges...and that, my friends, is cold, hard cash in your pocket!!! and hey, it helps save the planet too!

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