Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Tips To Spruce Up Your Joint~

Have you ever walked into a room in your home and suddenly felt bored? Maybe even a little depressed? Your own home should never make you feel down... it should be an uplifting place to be! Here are a few of Screaming Meme's Tips to a spruced up joint!

~ Screaming Meme's Tips ~

Undecorate~Take down all of your knickknacks, pictures, artwork, plants,lamps, blankets and pillows. Everything must go... except the expensive anchor pieces that you have no intention of replacing.... Having a blank canvas lets you create your masterpiece....Okay, now you have a fresh slate to work with...Let the magic begin!

Fake it, Honey~Fake a new fridge.... Freshen its front with appliance epoxy paint. For a chic look, try Rustoleum's appliance epoxy in Stainless Steel.

Set The Mood, Baby~ Dimmers are easy to install, and they help you set the scene for your joint... a cozy conversation in the living room or a quiet meal for two in the dining room....

Hide Clutter With A Lid~Messes vanish with lidded ottomans....Or coffee tables and end tables with lids...Can't find one? You could easily build one or have it made!

Start Painting~ You can often paint an entire room for under $100 and it’s not a real commitment! Don't like the results? Repaint it!

Move the Furniture~ Rearranging your furniture is a quick way to change the mood and traffic flow of your room...It is sure to uplift you in a new and creative direction!

Reflect It~ Decorative mirrors do more than just dress up a plain space....They open the space and make it appear larger!! They reflect light and make a room appear brighter, too! Any picture frame can be transformed into a mirror with a trip to a glass shop.... Or go thrift shopping, garage saling or to a local consignment shop to find a mirror!

Rotate It~ Changing items from time to time goes a long way toward keeping a room feeling unique and new.

Bring The Outsides In~

  • Replace the curtain rods with sturdy tree branches of the right length and thickness of the old rods...You might find these in the yard after Winter's storm or on a nature walk...

  • Use birdcages, faux birds' nests, birdhouses, etc. filled with silk greenery...

  • Bring Spring Flowers inside...You can find them relatively inexpensive in the winter months...And they will brighter your home...and make you feel happier!

  • Use a glass container to use as a vase for feathers, cast-off antlers, or anything else that you can find that nature has left behind...

  • Unpack the groceries or gather the fruits of your garden to display on window ledges and countertop bowls until ready to eat....

Shop Your Home~Shop your home for similar objects and gather them in one location to create an instant collection!

Hang Pictures Lower~ Pictures should be hung at eye level, or about 60 inches from the floor.

Look for more of my upcoming ideas for sprucing up your joint!

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  1. thanks for all the tips, the photo above is great, i love the pillows!!!

  2. Great tips, Meme, I'm always looking for something new to try. My husband LOVES that I'm never satisfied with the "look" of my home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh be still my heart! I LOVE this picture from above! I am gonna have to replicate some of that in my own home!

  4. I love love love the photo of the family room, brown and white, floral pillows. Wonderful staging. Do you do this for $$$$? Ever heard of I used to live in it there.

  5. ok...i'm so glad you posted the picture height thing! i am always giving that one single tip over and over.

    and the pillows on the couch are SHUT UP adorable! i love the brown and white large gingham with the trim! super fab!!!

  6. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE that picture of that room! I love the rectangular platters with the frames!! Cool!



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